Tom Tiffany has deep roots in Wisconsin. He grew up on a dairy farm in Elmwood, Wisconsin, received an agricultural degree from UW-River Falls and went on to be a successful small business owner.

Tiffany’s Wisconsin roots run deep. Born and raised on a dairy farm in Elmwood, Wisconsin, he developed a strong work ethic and a deep appreciation for the value of agriculture. After earning an agricultural degree from UW-River Falls, Tom became a successful small business owner.

Together with his wife Chris, Tom owned and operated Wilderness Cruises in Wisconsin’s stunning Northwoods for two decades. In addition, he served as the damtender on the Willow Flowage for 29 years, earning him the affectionate nickname of the “dam man.”

Tom’s commitment to public service led him to become a supervisor in the Town of Little Rice for two terms. He then ran for State Assembly in 2010, during a time when Wisconsin was facing high unemployment and budget deficits. Tom’s dedication to responsible budgeting and protecting private property rights earned him a reputation as a principled and effective leader.

After serving two years in the State Assembly, Tom was elected to the State Senate, where he worked tirelessly to balance the budget and defend the Second Amendment and Wisconsin’s rich hunting and fishing heritage. His dedication to these issues earned him widespread support from constituents across northern and western Wisconsin.

Tom knows that the common-sense values that define Wisconsin are sorely needed in Washington, D.C. He believes that taking power away from unelected bureaucrats in the “Swamp” and restoring freedom to the people is the key to restoring the American Dream of prosperity and happiness for all. With his proven track record of effective leadership and principled decision-making, Tom is ready to bring Wisconsin values to the national stage.