Standing with
President Trump

Tom was proud to stand with Wisconsin and vote to elect Donald Trump as President of the United States in 2016. In Congress, Tom will work with President Trump to keep America great and ensure prosperity and freedom for future generations.

Reducing the Deficit,
Cutting Spending

Just like Wisconsin families must balance their budgets, so must America. Tom believes that federal spending is out of control. Tom has proven he will take balancing budgets seriously. In Wisconsin, Tom and his colleagues took a $3.6 billion deficit and turned it into balanced budgets, $13 billion in tax cuts, and the largest rainy day fund in state history!

Tom believes that we need to take an underlying look at the whole federal budget – how our government operates and where we can find massive, systemic savings for the taxpayer. Tom supports repealing the Davis-Bacon law that increases the costs of everyday federal building projects.

Building a
Pro-Jobs Economy

Tom and his wife Chris were the proud owners of an excursion business, Wilderness Cruises, on the Willow Flowage for two decades. He used that small business experience to help more Wisconsinites find work than ever before in our state's history. In Congress, Tom will work with President Trump to ensure America keeps good, family-supporting jobs.

Protecting the

As the dad of three daughters, Tom has seen the miracle of life firsthand. He is proud to be pro-life and to support President Trump as he works to protect the unborn. A proven fighter for life, Tom has defunded Planned Parenthood at the state level and will work in Congress, so no taxpayers' dollars go to support abortions.

Draining the

Tom has always fought for the rights of property owners. In Congress, he'll fight for your property rights against the bureaucrats in the swamp. He'll work to give more power to the people by cutting red tape.

Tom supports initiatives like the SWAMP Act, which would take federal agencies and move them right into the heart of the country. Lowering costs and moving our agencies away from the swamp to where the problem solvers are – real America. Tom has firsthand experience at the state level, where he successfully relocated the Division of Forestry in the Department of Natural Resources from Madison to Northern Wisconsin.

Securing our
Southern Border

Tom stands with President Trump as he works to secure our border to stop the inflow of drugs and human trafficking into our country. First and foremost, America needs to build a wall to secure our southern border. Then, there can be a broader discussion about ending chain migration and a merit-based immigration process. Tom does not support amnesty.

Defending the
2nd Amendment

A proud National Rifle Association lifetime member with an A+ rating, Tom helped pass both concealed carry and Castle Doctrine in his first term. When Governor Evers proposed restricting people's 2nd Amendment rights, Tom stepped forward and stopped Evers' gun-grabbing efforts.

In Congress, Tom will stop attacks on the 2nd Amendment and champion your ability to fight for freedom and defend yourself against tyranny.


Tom grew up on a 50-cow dairy farm. With his seven brothers and sisters, they learned about hard work from their mom and dad on the farm. Tom will take his work ethic, learned on the farm, to Washington to champion free and fair trade deals. He'll work so there are fewer government regulations so all Wisconsin farms can succeed.

Supporting Rural

Because of our veterans, our children and grandchildren's futures are safe. Nothing makes Tom more proud than standing up, putting his hand over his heart, and thinking of his gratitude for those who are serving and have served to protect the red, white, and blue. That's why he's worked to make Wisconsin the best state in the nation for veterans to come back to after they serve.

In Congress, Tom will make sure veterans have the support they need to find quality jobs and health care in our rural communities.

Continuing Energy

While socialists like Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez fight for the Green New Deal that would bankrupt Wisconsin small businesses and manufacturers, Tom knows the answer for the future is homegrown American energy. One of the greatest things we've done as a nation is becoming energy independent. Energy independence provides job security, economic security, and national security. Overregulation puts this all at risk.

Tom promotes energy efficiency whenever possible. He believes alternative sources must be able to stand on their own in the marketplace without government interference or assistance.

Making Health
Care Affordable

While socialists in the House want to enact Medicare for all that would bankrupt taxpayers and result in Medicare for none, Tom knows there's a better way. With more choice, competition, and transparency, Americans will get better access to health care at lower costs.

Tom supports President Trump's efforts to hold drug companies accountable with greater transparency. This will lead to lower prices on prescription drugs and health care in general. By inserting competition into health care, we can lower costs. Providers will have to compete for patients' business, resulting in higher quality and lower costs.

Encouraging a
Convention of States

Tom is a firm believer in the 10th Amendment. Issues not prescribed to the government belong to the states. He also supports a Convention of States that would impose fiscal restraints on the federal government, place term limits on entrenched career politicians, and reassert states' rights. Tom authored the Convention of State's resolution in Wisconsin and believes the states need to help take power back from the swamp.

Working for Free
and Fair Trade

With his deep roots in Wisconsin, Tom knows our farmers and manufacturers need better deals and access to more markets so they can succeed for future generations. In the House of Representatives, Tom will support better trade deals that will ultimately result in fewer tariffs and fairer trade. President Trump's USMCA deal is an excellent first step.

Delisting the
Gray Wolf

For years, Tom has been one of the leading voices in Wisconsin working to have the federal government remove the gray wolf from the endangered species list. Wisconsin should be able to manage its wolf population on its own. The exploding wolf population hurts farmers' bottom lines, harms tourism, and reduces real estate values. At the same time, the federal government is denying the science behind delisting and watches our farms struggle.

In 2019, researchers estimated wolves killed more deer than hunters during the nine-day gun-deer harvest in single counties. Congress must act not only to help our farmers but also to help preserve our sporting heritage — one of Wisconsin's longest-standing family traditions for supporting one's family.