Op-Ed: Tom Tiffany Stands With Us … Again

Adam Jarchow: “I am grateful for his willingness to do what’s right for us, even when it comes with a personal or professional cost to him.”

During my 2 terms in the Legislature, one lesson I learned was the perils of voting against your party’s Leadership. Party leaders wield enormous power in both the State Legislature and the United States Congress. The Leadership controls your Bills, your committee assignments, your campaign contributions, your staff and even your office location. So, voting against Leadership is a bit like playing with fire. And on high profile Bills, it’s a bit like playing with fire, while you are covered in gasoline.

Yet, on the recent debt ceiling vote, our Congressman, Tom Tiffany, voted against his party Leadership. Bills don’t get more high profile than the debt ceiling. And yet, Congressman Tiffany stood his ground. It will surely come with a cost. You and I won’t see it. But, Tom will. It’s hard to say what the repercussions will be. But, rest assured there will be repercussions. Some priority Bill of Tom’s will get buried or he won’t get a desired committee assignment or he will not receive campaign support from some leadership slush fund. And Tom knows this. He’s a bright guy. In fact, he’s one of the most studious public servants I’ve ever met. Yet, in the face of that, he stood his ground.

Why? Because it was the right thing to do. Our Nation is in peril. We have over $30 Trillion in debt. And this Bill adds another $4 Trillion. Tom wanted a better deal for our kids and grandkids. So, he did what good negotiators do – he walked away from a bad deal. As a business attorney, I’ve been involved in thousands of deals and it’s clear to me, that at times, the best deals are the deals you don’t do. Sometimes, you just have to say no and walk away.

As Republicans, we are quick to criticize our elected officials. Hell, often times, we are harder on those in our own party, than on those in the other party. But, we are slow to recognize and thank elected officials who take on tough fights or cast difficult votes for the right reasons.

Congressman Tom Tiffany just did that … for us … again. And I am grateful. I am grateful for his principled leadership. I am grateful for his willingness to do what’s right for us, even when it comes with a personal or professional cost to him. Thank you Congressman. We appreciate you!

Adam Jarchow served two terms in the Wisconsin Legislature, where 20 Bills he authored were signed into law by Governor Walker. He is a business attorney, and a small business owner. Adam resides with his wife, Barbara, and their two kids outside of Balsam Lake.

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