GOP Bill Prohibits Race-Based Hiring in Federal Government

A group of House Republicans unveiled legislation Friday that prevents the federal government from discriminating based on race, color, or national origin for employment.

The bill, forwarded by Rep. Tom Tiffany of Wisconsin, also prevents the Biden administration, federal contractors, or other federal fund recipients from intentionally granting racial preferences in any domain.

Tiffany is joined by fellow GOP Reps. Burgess Owens of Utah, Byron Donalds of Florida, and Michelle Steel of California for the Fairness, Anti-Discrimination and Individual Rights Act, which the Daily Caller first obtained.

“It’s pretty simple. If we are serious about ending discrimination in the United States, the first step is for the government to stop doing the discriminating,” Tiffany said. “It is long past time for the government to take its thumb off the scale and get out of the business of racial discrimination.”

You can read the rest of the article here on Newsmax.