Rep. Tiffany Requests Bureau of Refugee Programs to Hold Public Forums

Tiffany Requests Bureau of Refugee Programs to Hold Public Forums

WASHINGTON, D.C. (CONGRESSMAN TOM TIFFANY PRESS RELEASE) – Today, Congressman Tom Tiffany (WI-07) sent a follow-up letter to Bojana Zoric Martinez, the Director of the Bureau of Refugee Programs, demanding transparency and public input for residents in the Chippewa Valley on refugee resettlement plans.

This letter comes after Rep. Tiffany did not receive a response to the first letter he sent in January to Director Zoric Martinez requesting public dialogue on this important issue.

In the letter, Tiffany writes: “As the state’s refugee coordinator, you have a duty to be as forthright as possible about any resettlement plans that are currently being contemplated. Moreover, providing meaningful opportunities for public input will allow you and resettlement organizations to get a clearer picture about the level of public support for resettlement, as well as any potential impacts, challenges or burdens those plans may present for existing residents and support systems.”

“The lack of public notification, input, and transparency regarding refugee resettlement has already fueled significant controversy and public backlash. And so long as Wisconsinites are kept in the dark about these plans, they will continue to conclude – correctly – that they have no voice in these decisions.”

“In short, the public has a right to know if their town or county will be the next one targeted for refugee resettlement, how the increased burden on taxpayers will be addressed, and how an influx of foreign newcomers will impact their local budgets and quality of life.”

You may read the full letter here.